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I can't believe I forgot about one of the best men of style and that is Adam Levine from Maroon 5 and judge for my new favourite show, "The Voice". I love his style. It's edgy and sexy...a very good looking man who appears to have a very warm spirit, but his sense of style is brilliant. Rock star chic.

Maroon 5 lead vocalist and guitarist was born upon Mar 18, 1979, in Los Angeles, CA. He began personification music with junior-high friends guitarist Jesse Carmichael and bassist Mickey Madden underneath the change of groups similar to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and after the last 1994 further of Ryan Dusick upon drums, the pick rock band Kara’s Flowers were born. The party scored a jot down understanding with Reprise, expelled a common album, and was expelled from the stipulate all in a make a difference of years. Following the stop of the deal, the band went upon interregnum and Levine headed to New York with Carmichael to attend Five Towns College upon Long Island. While there, he was unprotected to a total new music stage and engrossed new influences similar to hip-hop, soul, gospel, and R&B that altered Levine’s total viewpoint upon songwriting, even altering the approach in that he sang — from a deeper, grunge-inspired smoothness to a aloft and some-more fluent one. Levine and Carmichael forsaken out of propagandize after a division and headed back to California rejuvenated and desirous to supplement a new groove-based component to their band’s rock template. Hooking back up with the rest of the Kara’s Flowers guys, Levine began essay a garland of songs that were without delay desirous by his not long ago unsuccessful relationship, that was imploding as the band was entering the college of music to record. After adding in new guitarist James Valentine (moving Carmichael over to keyboards) and scoring a new understanding with Octone Records, the newly christened Maroon 5 were strictly up and running; their entrance album, the aptly patrician Songs About Jane, was shortly completed. Released in Jun 2002, the manuscript sole usually over the subsequent integrate of years and was approved gold by 2004. Maroon 5 scored multiform strike singles, won dual Grammy Awards, and toured all the time in support. During their climb in popularity, the pop/rockers managed to stir up a small bit of debate when the music video for “This Love” enclosed scenes of Levine and his afterwards real-life partner (not Jane) enchanting in unnatural sex.

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